Hobobiker Trip Details

2007-01-29 to 2007-03-06

Here is detailed information about our trip. For each day's ride we have a map, gpx and kml files, and an elevation profile.

If you find that this isn't up-to-date or you want something that's not here, please send us an email and we'll try to get it for you.
Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
Mesa to Florence Junction, AZ2007-01-2932/52754/233
Florence Junction to Florence, AZ2007-01-3019/3185/26
Florence to Oracle Junction, AZ2007-01-3140/652119/654
Oracle Junction to Tucson, Arizona2007-02-0135/56344/106
Tucson, AZ to Tucson, AZ (SW)2007-02-0534/551801/556
Tucson, AZ to Tucson, AZ (SE)2007-02-0615/24406/125
Tucson, AZ to Patagonia, AZ2007-02-0754/872959/913
Patagonia, AZ to Imuris, Sonora2007-02-0968/1101827/564
Imuris to Santa Ana, Sonora2007-02-1030/48692/214
Santa Ana to KM100 from Hermosillo2007-02-1046/74675/208
KM100 to KM30 from Hermosillo2007-02-1146/74318/98
KM30 on Hwy 15 to Hermosillo, Sonora2007-02-1222/35229/71
Hermosillo to Rural crucero south of Hermosillo2007-02-1457/9232/10
Rural crossroads to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico2007-02-1564/103524/162
San Carlos to La Guasima2007-02-1938/61597/184
La Guasima to Pueblo Yaqui2007-02-2069/111186/57
Pueblo Yaqui to Huatabampo, Sonora2007-02-2161/98173/53
Huatabampo to Huatabampito, Sonora2007-02-2212/1936/11
Huatabampito to Navajoa, Sonora2007-02-2335/56164/51
Navojoa, Sonora to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico2007-02-2434/551804/557
Alamos, Sonora to El Carrizal2007-03-0434/551233/381
El Carrizal, Sonora to El Fuerte, Sinaloa2007-03-0535/561266/391