Route: Central America - June 28, 2007 to April 14, 2008

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We didn't know what to expect coming into Guatemala, but it all turned out fine. No problems at the border. The incline up from La Democracia to Huehuetenango was unrelenting, but not terribly difficult. The road was actually too busy, but there was a little tiny shoulder a lot of places

The ride from Huehuetenango over to Sacapulas and then to Lake Atitlán was enormously strenuous, but the roads were all fantastic. Mostly new, light traffic. One of the best rides of the trip. But oh those hills.

When we left Lake Atitlán and rode out toward Mazatenango, it was great until we hit CA-2. CA-2 is not worth riding on if you can avoid it. There was just too much traffic.

Mazatenango up to Quetzaltenango was great - and another killer climb. The roads we took turned out fine.

Quetzaltenango to Cuatro Caminos was a little annoying, but past that and to Totonicapán was delightful. And the dirt road pass from Totonicapán to El Quiché was one of the best rides of the trip. A good solid climb out of Toto.

After returning to Guatemala and riding the rest of the country, we successfully avoided Guatemala City by riding south to Palin and then on the south shore of Lake Amatitlan (although people said the dirt road from Santa Maria de Jesus down to Palin was too dangerous, so we hired a pickup). Then we surfed the back roads to the El Florido border crossing. Amazing mountains to cross all the time. I tried to put notes on each day's ride.

Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
La Democracia to Huehuetenango, Guatemala2007-06-2843/693700/1142
Huehuetenango to Sacapulas, Guatemala2007-07-0137/602500/772
Sacapulas to Quiché, Guatemala2007-07-0230/484635/1431
Quiché to Chichicastenango, Guatemala2007-07-0311/181000/309
Chichicastenango to Panajachel, Guatemala2007-07-0624/392568/793
Panajachel to Mazatenango, Guatemala2007-07-1455/891100/340
Mazatenango to Santa Maria2007-07-2123/374461/1377
Santa Maria to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala2007-07-2218/292539/784
Quetzaltenango to Quiché, Guatemala2007-08-0244/712851/880
Quiché to Sacapulas, Guatemala2007-08-0330/482011/621
Sacapulas to Nebaj, Guatemala2007-08-048/13600/185
Nebaj to Quiché2007-08-1640/655019/1549
Quiché to Los Encuentros2007-08-1714/232657/820
Los Encuentros to Chimaltenango, Guatemala2007-08-1946/742424/748
Chimaltenango to Antigua Guatemala2007-08-2616/26567/175
Antigua Guatemala to Chimaltenango, Guatemala2007-08-2812/191145/353
Antigua Guatemala to Palin2008-01-036/102500/772
Palin to Barberena, Santa Rosa, Guatemala2008-01-0445/733300/1019
Barbarena, Santa Rosa to San Rafael Las Flores2008-01-0528/453100/957
San Rafael Las Flores to Mataquescuintla2008-01-065/8931/287
Mataquescuintla to Jalapa2008-01-0828/453681/1136
Jalapa to San Luis Jilotepeque2008-01-0926/422500/772
San Luis Jilotepeque to Jocotan, Chiquimula2008-01-1039/633765/1162
Jocotan, Chiquimula, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras2008-01-1122/352188/675
Copan Ruinas, Honduras to La Entrada2008-01-1541/662690/830
La Entrada to Santa Rosa de Copán2008-01-1631/504018/1240
Santa Rosa de Copán to Gracias, Lempira2008-01-1731/502486/767
Gracias, Lempira to San Miguelito2008-01-1930/483539/1092
San Miguelito to La Esperanza, Honduras2008-01-2022/354300/1327
La Esperanza to Siguatepeque, Honduras2008-01-2150/814300/1327
Siguatepeque to Tegucigalpa, Honduras2008-01-2235/562463/760
Tegucigalpa to La Tigra National Park2008-01-2425/403464/1069
La Tigra National Park (El Rosario) to Villa de San Francisco, Honduras2008-01-2622/351000/309
Villa San Francisco to Danlí2008-01-2738/612627/811
Danlí, Honduras to Ocotal, Nicaragua2008-01-2835/562000/617
Ocotal to Estelí, Nicaragua2008-01-2948/773218/993
Estelí to Jinotega2008-01-3139/633200/988
Jinotega to San Ramon, Matagalpa2008-02-0327/443175/980
San Ramón to Matiguás, Nicaragua2008-02-0436/582982/920
Matiguás to Rio Blanco, Nicaragua2008-02-0523/372178/672
Rio Blanco to Muy Muy2008-02-1538/612893/893
Muy Muy to Empalme de Boaco2008-02-1642/682200/679
Empalme de Boaco to Granada, Nicaragua2008-02-1763/1021584/489
Altagracia to Merida (on Ometepe)2008-02-2120/32300/93
Los Chiles to Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica2008-02-2358/942388/737
Aguas Zarcas to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí2008-02-2443/691266/391
Puerto Viejo to Siquirres, Costa Rica2008-02-2543/691266/391
Puerto Limon to Cahuita, Costa Rica2008-02-2630/48100/31
Cahuita, Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro, Panama2008-02-2945/73450/139
Bocas del Toro to Rambala, Panama2008-03-0246/743600/1111
Rambala, Panama to Gualaca, Panama2008-03-0344/716537/2018
Gualaca, Panama to Boca Brava, Panama2008-03-0428/45800/247
Boca Brava to Tolé, panama2008-03-0642/682415/745
Tolé to Santiago, panama2008-03-0758/943431/1059
Santiago to Penomené, Panama2008-03-0864/103730/225
Penomené to El Palmar2008-03-0943/691270/392
El Palmar to La Chorrera2008-03-1139/631820/562
La Chorrera to Panama City2008-03-1224/391230/380