Canada Route

Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
Inuvik, NT, Canada to Caribou Creek CG, NT, Canada2006-06-0933/53/0
Caribou Creek CG, NT, Canada to Tsiigehtchic, NT, Canada2006-06-1049/79/0
Tsiigehtchic, NT, Canada to Peel River Crossing, NT, Canada2006-06-1143/69700/216
Peel River Crossing, NT, Canada to NT/Yukon Border, Canada2006-06-1240/653400/1049
NT border to Rock River CG, Yukon, Canada2006-06-1321/341500/463
Rock River CG, Yukon, Canada to Eagle Plains Hotel, Yukon, Canada2006-06-1448/773000/926
KM 435 Dempster to Ogilivie River Overlook2006-06-1740/652400/741
Ogilvie River Overlook to Engineer Creek Campground, Yukon2006-06-1840/65800/247
Engineer Creek Campground to Chapman Lake, Yukon2006-06-1948/772300/710
Chapman Lake` to Tombstone Campground, Yukon2006-06-2028/451200/370
Tombstone Campground to Dawson City, Yukon, Canada2006-06-2172/116800/247
Dawson City, Yukon to Tintina Trench2006-06-2543/691400/432
Tintina Trench to Moose Creek Campground (near Stewart Crossing)2006-06-2651/821000/309
Moose Creek Campground to Stewart Crossing, Yukon2006-06-2716/26600/185
Stewart Crossing to Pelly Crossing, Yukon2006-06-2844/711500/463
Pelly Crossing to Five Finger Rapids (near Carmacks)2006-06-2951/821400/432
Five Fingers Rapid to Twin Lakes Campground (130KM north of Whitehorse)2006-06-3043/691700/525
Twin Lakes Campground to Lake Laberge Campground2006-07-0153/851500/463
Lake Laberge Campground to Whitehorse, Yukon2006-07-0236/581100/340
Whitehorse to Carcross, Yukon2006-07-0362/1001900/586
Carcross, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska2006-07-0469/1113284/1014
Skagway to Juneau, Alaska2006-07-0517/27354/109
Juneau to Juneau, Alaska2006-07-0628/4548/15
Juneau to Juneau, Alaska, USA2006-07-0748/77875/270
Juneau to Juneau, Alaska2006-07-0811/18/0
Juneau to Haines Highway - Canadian Border2006-07-0958/942000/617
Canadian Border to Million Dollar Falls Campground2006-07-1050/814000/1235
Million Dollar Falls Campground to Haines Junction, Yukon2006-07-1159/952200/679
Haines Junction to Champaine, Yukon2006-07-1243/691200/370
Champaine to Whitehorse, Yukon2006-07-1372/1161500/463
Whitehorse to Atlin, BC2006-07-1745/731000/309
Jake's Corner, Yukon to Teslin, Yukon2006-07-1854/871600/494
Teslin, Yukon to Morley River, Yukon2006-07-1936/581600/494
Morley River to Rancheria, Yukon2006-07-2067/1082200/679
Rancheria, Yukon to Big Creek Campground, Yukon2006-07-2136/581000/309
Big Creek Campground to Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada2006-07-2240/651000/309
Watson Lake to Junction with Cassiar Highway2006-07-2428/451100/340
Junction 37 to Boya Lake Campground2006-07-2555/891700/525
Boya Lake Campground to Moose Meadows2006-07-2645/731700/525
Moose Meadows to Dease Lake, BC2006-07-2756/902000/617
Telegraph creek to Telegraph Creek2006-07-3028/45/0
Telegraph Creek to Dease Lake, BC2006-07-3118/29/0
Dease Lake to Iskut, BC2006-08-0134/551700/525
Iskut to Kinaskan Lake, BC2006-08-0224/391000/309
Kinaskan Lake to Bob Quinn Lake2006-08-0344/711600/494
Bell II to Meziadin Junction2006-08-0460/972200/679
Meziadin Junction to Stewart, BC2006-08-0555/892000/617
Ketchikan to Ketchikan, Alaska2006-08-0940/65/0
Prince Rupert to Prince Rupert2006-08-1145/73/0
Port Hardy to Sointula, BC2006-08-1336/581000/309
Port McNeill to Woss, BC2006-08-1444/712000/617
Woss to Sayward Junction2006-08-1545/731800/556
Sayward Junction to Campbell River, BC2006-08-1644/711600/494
Campbell River to Comox, BC2006-08-1730/48600/185
Comox to Hornby Island2006-08-1832/52750/231
Hornby Island to On Hornby Island2006-08-1919/31750/231
Hornby Island to Nanaimo, BC2006-08-2063/1022300/710
Nanaimo to Cowichan Bay2006-08-2154/871700/525
Cowichan Bay to Sidney, BC2006-08-2230/48/0
Sidney to Victoria, BC2006-08-2330/48/0