Hobobiker Trip Details

2007-06-28 to 2008-04-14

Here is detailed information about our trip. For each day's ride we have a map, gpx and kml files, and an elevation profile.

If you find that this isn't up-to-date or you want something that's not here, please send us an email and we'll try to get it for you.
Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
La Democracia to Huehuetenango, Guatemala2007-06-2843/693700/1142
Huehuetenango to Sacapulas, Guatemala2007-07-0137/602500/772
Sacapulas to Quiché, Guatemala2007-07-0230/484635/1431
Quiché to Chichicastenango, Guatemala2007-07-0311/181000/309
Chichicastenango to Panajachel, Guatemala2007-07-0624/392568/793
Panajachel to Mazatenango, Guatemala2007-07-1455/891100/340
Mazatenango to Santa Maria2007-07-2123/374461/1377
Santa Maria to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala2007-07-2218/292539/784
Quetzaltenango to Quiché, Guatemala2007-08-0244/712851/880
Quiché to Sacapulas, Guatemala2007-08-0330/482011/621
Sacapulas to Nebaj, Guatemala2007-08-048/13600/185
Nebaj to Quiché2007-08-1640/655019/1549
Quiché to Los Encuentros2007-08-1714/232657/820
Los Encuentros to Chimaltenango, Guatemala2007-08-1946/742424/748
Chimaltenango to Antigua Guatemala2007-08-2616/26567/175
Antigua Guatemala to Chimaltenango, Guatemala2007-08-2812/191145/353
Antigua Guatemala to Palin2008-01-036/102500/772
Palin to Barberena, Santa Rosa, Guatemala2008-01-0445/733300/1019
Barbarena, Santa Rosa to San Rafael Las Flores2008-01-0528/453100/957
San Rafael Las Flores to Mataquescuintla2008-01-065/8931/287
Mataquescuintla to Jalapa2008-01-0828/453681/1136
Jalapa to San Luis Jilotepeque2008-01-0926/422500/772
San Luis Jilotepeque to Jocotan, Chiquimula2008-01-1039/633765/1162
Jocotan, Chiquimula, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras2008-01-1122/352188/675
Copan Ruinas, Honduras to La Entrada2008-01-1541/662690/830
La Entrada to Santa Rosa de Copán2008-01-1631/504018/1240
Santa Rosa de Copán to Gracias, Lempira2008-01-1731/502486/767
Gracias, Lempira to San Miguelito2008-01-1930/483539/1092
San Miguelito to La Esperanza, Honduras2008-01-2022/354300/1327
La Esperanza to Siguatepeque, Honduras2008-01-2150/814300/1327
Siguatepeque to Tegucigalpa, Honduras2008-01-2235/562463/760
Tegucigalpa to La Tigra National Park2008-01-2425/403464/1069
La Tigra National Park (El Rosario) to Villa de San Francisco, Honduras2008-01-2622/351000/309
Villa San Francisco to Danlí2008-01-2738/612627/811
Danlí, Honduras to Ocotal, Nicaragua2008-01-2835/562000/617
Ocotal to Estelí, Nicaragua2008-01-2948/773218/993
Estelí to Jinotega2008-01-3139/633200/988
Jinotega to San Ramon, Matagalpa2008-02-0327/443175/980
San Ramón to Matiguás, Nicaragua2008-02-0436/582982/920
Matiguás to Rio Blanco, Nicaragua2008-02-0523/372178/672
Rio Blanco to Muy Muy2008-02-1538/612893/893
Muy Muy to Empalme de Boaco2008-02-1642/682200/679
Empalme de Boaco to Granada, Nicaragua2008-02-1763/1021584/489
Altagracia to Merida (on Ometepe)2008-02-2120/32300/93
Los Chiles to Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica2008-02-2358/942388/737
Aguas Zarcas to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí2008-02-2443/691266/391
Puerto Viejo to Siquirres, Costa Rica2008-02-2543/691266/391
Puerto Limon to Cahuita, Costa Rica2008-02-2630/48100/31
Cahuita, Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro, Panama2008-02-2945/73450/139
Bocas del Toro to Rambala, Panama2008-03-0246/743600/1111
Rambala, Panama to Gualaca, Panama2008-03-0344/716537/2018
Gualaca, Panama to Boca Brava, Panama2008-03-0428/45800/247
Boca Brava to Tolé, panama2008-03-0642/682415/745
Tolé to Santiago, panama2008-03-0758/943431/1059
Santiago to Penomené, Panama2008-03-0864/103730/225
Penomené to El Palmar2008-03-0943/691270/392
El Palmar to La Chorrera2008-03-1139/631820/562
La Chorrera to Panama City2008-03-1224/391230/380