January 22, 2008: Siguatepeque to Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Now we hit the big highway between Tegus and San Pedro Sula, and it was a lot more traffic than we'd seen in a long time. But there was a shoulder, often composed of large potholes, but that was OK because it kept the cars out of there and it was kind of fun surfing the whole thing, sometimes having to surf out onto the highway, sometimes off to the right into the sand. It was no catastrophe, but certainly not what we'd been doing. But when we got to the first of the two big climbs to Tegucigalpa, we were out of steam. Our stamina hasn't been what we'd like it to be, and we just couldn't get ourselves to go up that hill. So we finally got on a bus and ended up in Tegucigalpa. It was fine, because we'd debated about whether to ride into this notoriously difficult city anyway. Got to Tegus and enjoyed it for a day. Nice museums, lively downtown. Didn't have any trouble riding from the bus office to downtown, except that I missed the turn so we went farther than we had to.

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