July 18, 2008: Bagua Grande to Pedro Ruiz and by combi to Chachapoyas

Beautiful ride through the Utcubamba River valley up to Pedro Ruiz (at 1315 meters). Just glorious, and not too steep. Supposedly paved, but there were so many bad stretches maybe it could be called dirt as well. The road to Chachapoyas (at 2340 meters, 54km, 1000 meters climb) was under heavy construction and closed in the daytime, so we took a 6pm combi (bikes on top) to Chachapoyas. Judging from what we saw, it would have been an annoying stretch with all the construction anyway. If it weren't for the construction and you wanted to go to El Tingo for Kuélap, you don't have to climb up to Chacha if you don't want to. You can continue on to El Tingo.

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