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A story about artists and their art who we meet along the hobobiker route: weavers, painters, carvers and so much more

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Ed Frank - Tahltan mask carver
Ed Frank - Tahltan mask carver (View on flickr)
photo of Ed Frank - Tahltan mask carver near Telegraph Creek, Canada

One of the special interests I had while traveling through 14 countries was seeing the different regional art. Art tells about the culture, values and links with the history of the people or a connection with the past. Much of art through out the world are traditions that are passed on from one generation to the other. This is especially true with the indigenous people of the Americas.

During the nearly three years of our trip, I would often stop and talk with the artists I met. I wanted to learn as much as I could about their art, techniques, materials and themselves.

Some of the people I sat with were First Nations Canadian wood carvers and Inuit leather workers. In the United States, I learned how to blow glass along the cost of Oregon I visited ceramic studios and fine tapestry studios in Mexico.  read more here... lee mas aquí... »

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