Reality sets in! June 1!


We are preparing for departure! Leaving Denver June 1, starting the flight north on June 2, and starting the ride south from Inuvik on June 9! My brother Collin and his wife Marisa of Parkwest Air are going to fly us up there in their Cessna! And they're leading a group of 10-12 more planes. We start from Grand Junction, Colorado on June 3.

Below this posting is a map of the first part of our route and here is the same map as a pdf and as a large jpeg - click to see all sizes (with all the detail).

We leave from Inuvik, which is in Northwest Territories, but we cross over the line into the Yukon pretty quickly. We ride down to Dawson City (450 miles on a dirt road with very little services). From Dawson City we go to Whitehorse, then do a little loop to Haines and Skagway in Alaska, then to the south.

You might like the wonderful flash animations on, with the "interactive map".