Requesting help for a worthy cause in Nicaragua

Sponsored kids receiving their school supplies
Sponsored kids receiving their school supplies (View on flickr)

When we were in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua, volunteering for Agua para la Vida ( -- See our stories here) we met one of the key guys there, Esteban Cantillano, and he told us about one of the side projects that he´s involved with. He´s a member of the lay order of St Francis associated with the local Catholic church, and this group tries to adopt a small group of boys who are not going to school and to try to provide what they need to get going. Lots of kids end up not going because they can´t afford the basics: uniform, notebooks, and maybe a backpack.

When we were there we gave him $400 that various people had entrusted to us for something like this, and he used it to purchase 15 school uniforms and shoes for the 15 kids (he even send a scan of the receipt).

There are pictures of the kids here and a little note about Esteban that we wrote here.

Anyway, the kids need funding again this year, and they will in future years. It´s such a fantastic thing for a grass-roots local group to make a little dent in the future of the town by getting 15 or so kids into school. If you are interested in helping Esteban´s group, let us know and we´ll start an email conversation, and I can translate for you. We can help with the logistics of getting the money to them.

Just wanted to let you know about a good opportunity! Please let us know if you can help with part or all of this. Maybe you are part of a community group that could take this on for future years?


-Randy and Nancy