Crossed into Nicaragua today

Entering into Nicaragua was very easy and calm at Los Manos.  Everyone was friendly and helpful and we had no trouble with people trying to steal our things. We have found Nicaragua very safe and more safe in remote areas then Guatemala. In Guatemala the remote areas had more danger, here it seems the more remote the less trouble. The roads are great, little traffic and what traffic there has been, drives slow and gives us more room on the road them any other country we have cycled through. The road belongs to everyone, not just cars.
Randy and Nancy entering into Nicaragua (View on flickr)

We crossed into Nicaragua today - our 6th country on the trip. We had no problems at all, and all the officials were very friendly. Once again, we even got a fair rate of exchange from the moneychanger. We now have Nicaraguan Córdobas, which about about 18 to the dollar, instead of Honduran Lempiras, which are about 19 to the dollar.