We wrote a little book: The Women of Friendship Bridge in Guatemala

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Cover of our book
We have been so taken with the wonderful women of Guatemala and their inspiring stories that we compiled the stories and pictures into a little book. It's only 40 pages, not much of a book, but it does a pretty decent job of capturing what's really happening with Friendship Bridge and Kiva.

You can do two things to read the book. It's a free pdf download that you can read on your computer (or print out if you want). And you can order a very nice printed version (at cost) from this link at blurb.com. It's $18 for a 40-page book, which is a lot, but on the other hand it's pretty nice photography and really says a lot about what we've been up to.

Update: June 2008: We translated the book into Spanish and it's now available so that the wonderful women in it and the facilitadoras who work with them might be able to see it. There is a Spanish-language announcement and you can download the PDF here or if you want you can purchase the book: Both are available at cost on blurb.com.

Our good touring friend Eric Dudfield did a wonderful quick-turnaround edit on this and helped us out a bunch. Thanks, Eric!