Sticks to a Walker - Thanks to a great ministry

Isabel Guitz with her sticks
Isabel Guitz with her new walker
Isabel with her walker
A few days ago I went to the home of Reyes Espantzan in Tecpan to take her picture with her weaving. While I was there, her landlord Isabel (I thought it was her mother at the time) begged me to take her picture too. She's not a Friendship Bridge client or anything, but oh well. Digital photos are free! She said "maybe somebody will see me with my sticks and send me a walker". Well, I just wrote down her name and thought nothing more of it.

Then when Nancy and I were going through the pictures, we got to the one of Isabel, I explained it to Nancy and explained why Isabel wanted to get her picture taken. I didn't know it, but Nancy was on the job. The next day she was poking around th market, asking everybody where you get a walker. And she found out about Bethel Christian Ministries, which distributes wheelchairs and walkers all over Guatemala (they're needed so much here - there are so many people with mobility problems). Nancy found her way there, got a walker, and we took it to Isabel, who was very happy.

Chris Mooney, the directory of the wheelchair ministry, says they will distribute over 800 chairs this year, in several places in Guatemala. They get containers of old chairs shipped from the US, and have a full workshop to repair them and get them into service. And all the workers in the workshop get treated right, with regular decent salaries and benefits and the like. What a treat it is to see such a good organization at work.