Do any of you have cameras to spare? And monthly update...

Nancy pushing her bike
up to an interview near Nebaj

Hello from Chimaltenango, Guatemala! We haven't made any forward progress this month, but rather did a big loop around highland Guatemala interviewing the amazing women who are clients for Friendship Bridge.

We'd like to ask your help with something: We're coming home for a visit next month and we're going to try to get together 12 digital cameras for Friendship Bridge to use to continue the work we've been doing, posting profiles on to raise loans for the women. Do any of you have digital cameras that you don't want any more? We don't need this year's model - in fact, 2-5 year old cameras would be great. If you have one that you could send to Denver, or if you would like to donate money to this cause, please let us know at All 12 cameras could probably be bought new for around $1200, but used cameras should work fine too.

We have new photos on the website,

We'll be visiting home in early September! We're going to fly home to Denver to see family, and Nancy is going to get out to Boston to see family too. We'll return to Guatemala about September 18 and continue our Friendship Bridge/Kiva work. Then in November we plan to continue making some progress, finally!

Thanks for following along with us! We love having your support.

-Randy and Nancy