Amy Farrell - Biker's angel

Amy Farrell - bikers angel
Let me introduce you to Amy Farrell. We were on our way back from California to Colorado (in a car, no less, not on the bikes) and she noticed us in the Burger King going over our maps and trying to figure out our route and where we could camp for the night. She was helpful with campsite and local information, and then, deciding that the campsite options weren't good enough, she decided to invite us to sleep in her backyard. She just all four of us home from the Burger King to set up in her back yard!

Amy really made me wonder about the differences in openness and generosity among people. How can a young mother with little ones at home be so open and generous (and unafraid) as to just invite us home? On the other hand, she's gotten through life this way, so why isn't everybody like this? Anyway, kudos to you (and THANKS), Amy for your openness and generosity to us.