Finances: Budget and expenses


Well, here's the financial report on our trip. It was surprisingly inexpensive to live on our trip, and we're pleased with the results.

We spent about $650/person for the entire month in Mexico (which also included $75/person for a deep sea fishing expedition and 4 days on the beach at the end of the trip.). Our airfare was extra - It was about $630 on Mexicana, and well worth it, since they took our bikes for free. (Most airlines wanted $75-100/bike each way. And Mexicana handled our bikes wonderfully in both directions.

Some example prices:

  • Hotels cost $15 - $35. We had some really fine places for about $25. All the places we stayed had hot water and a private bathroom. A couple were near-dumps, but much better than some Randy has stayed at some times in the past.
  • Donation to Virgin of Guadalupe in Manzanilla: $0.10
  • Lunch of 4 tacos and 2 fresh-squozen orange juices: $2.50
  • Shower at a hotel (not staying there): $1.50/each
  • Shower in the market (cold water): $.50 to $.80
  • Postcards: $.50/each. Mailing them: $1.00/each. Too much.
  • Internet cafe: $1.00/hour
  • Horse rental with guide at Angahuan: $7.00/each
  • Laundry: $4.00-$7.00 for our 4 kilos or so of laundry, all neatly folded.
  • Coffee: $.50
  • Museum: $3.20/each
  • Burger King - #1 combination: $7.20
  • Purified water in 1.5 and 2 liter bottles: $.70-$2.00
  • Toilet Paper: $.30/roll
  • Bread rolls: $.10/each
  • Limes: $.10/each
  • Dinner: $2.00-3.00/person
  • Entrance to National Park: $3.00/each
  • Wonderful sandwiches (tortas): $.80-$1.00/each
  • Taxi: $1.00-$10.00