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Click here for a slide show of my art.
Often during the bike trip I created small watercolors using a Winsor Newton traveling watercolor kit. I would either work out in public at busy markets, plazas, dockside, or quiet, secluded places like along the seashore, river banks or on top of mountains like Machu Picchu. I also painted in our hotel or temporary apartment from prints of photos either Randy or I took. While working outside I would often have a crowd looking over my shoulder watching each brush stroke. If someone was a little to close like the young kids and teenagers, I would start drawing them. They usual shied away from this and I would get some breathing room. Other times I would worked from a computer display or the small display on my camera. A trick I discovered to view a particular photo was to make it the last one on my memory stick by copying it. It would then be the first one I viewed when using the view feature on my camera.

I would then take a photo of the finished studies and post it on our photo collection on

Self-supported bicycle touring requires effective use of limited space. Therefore I did not carry much but I carried a watercolor kit, 5 brushes, a sketchbook/journal and a 4"x6" block of Arches #140 watercolor paper with 20 or so sheets, some drawing pens and masking fluid. When I ran out of a paper, I found I could not purchase a block of paper in South America, so I made them. A block of watercolor is basically many sheets of art paper bound together on all sides so when it is wetted with watercolor it dried flat. I would slice around the edges to remove the painting and unveil a new clean sheet underneath. When my collection of art work accumulated, I would give my watercolors as a gift to the kind people or families who put us up along the way. It was a way I could thank them for their hospitality. Once and a while I sold a piece or two. I tried selling my art in the streets Bailoche and Salta, Argentina but I did not succeed in this endeavor. I shipped a collection home on several occasion.

My current goal is to create watercolors in larger formats and paint as much as I can. I have been creating some new exciting pieces while I have been in Florida for the last several months. It is my intention to submit my work to juried shows and galleries for exhibition and sales.

I would love to hear your comments about my art work. If you would like to purchase one, I would be pleased to talk with you. If you have a special request, I do custom work.

Nancy Lewis