Teetering on the edge! Help us with our decision

Update: See what we decided here.

We need your help! Please vote and help us decide what should be our next step.

After two years and 3 months of traveling by bicycle, we are tired and want a change or need a change. Our not-so-young bodies are complaining of the day and day out pounding of the roads of South America. But more than that our not-so-young minds are so full of what we've seen and done they don't seem to want any more. We have pedaled over 21,000 kilometers (13,000 miles) and bused, boated or hitched another couple of thousand kilometers. We have climbed many 4000 meter (13,000 foot) passes, pedaled to incredible beaches, passed months after months of farmlands filled with scattering of adobe homes and animals, sweated in the deserts, swatted the swarms of nasty bugs, visited cities, towns, tiny villages, churches, ancient ruins, museums and talked with thousands of people from many different walks of life. The turbulent economy has rocked us all. Even though we are in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, the financial situation in the US has affected our travel funds.

We are turning to of our loyal followers for support and advice in our moment of need. Please write to us and let us know what your advise to us would be.

Here are our options, as we see them:

End the trip here in Bolivia and head back home. We've seen enough and enjoyed it all!

Take a bus or plane to lower elevations and continue on and re-valuate at a late time.

Take a a month or two off somewhere in Argentina where it is spring where as Denver, Colorado is entering into fall and then into winter. Argentina has wonderful beef and great wine at cheap prices. We can re-hone our computer skill remotely and at the end of the two months we can start the restart are careers or cycle on.

Fly to the bottom of Argentina and start cycling north and call it quits when we want.

Fly to the lakes district in Chile, recharge our batteries, paint pictures for a while, hike the remote parks along the coast of southern Chile and mediate on our future.

Head home for a period of time to be with family, to work, rebuilding our courage and continue the trip some time in the indefinite future.

Or just suck it up and ride the ride.

Please use the poll below to tell us what you think. And send us a note if you want to.