Which of the following are truly exaggerations about Colombia?

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  • In Colombia they raise cows with one leg longer than the other in order to have cows that can graze on the steep slopes.
  • They grow tomato trees on the mountain hillsides.
  • The clouds are so thick with moisture you need a snorkel to breath the air while cycling the high country.
  • Cyclists have the right of way.
  • There are military checkpoints every 10 miles on the major roadways.
  • Motorcycles outnumber cars and the drivers are required to wear a vest and a helmet with the license plate number visible on both vest and helmet.
  • Thousands of motorcycles are also taxis.
  • On Sundays large Colombian cities like Bogotá and Medellin close a major roadway to motorized traffic and only allow walkers, runner and cyclists access. These are called Cyclovias.
  • All Colombians love their Colombian coffee and drink it all day long.
  • When ordering a coca-cola in central America, one can just order "una coca" but in Colombia one must order a coca-cola or you get a real strange look especially when I order a real cold coca. "Quiero coca bien frio, por favor".
Answers: 1 and 3 are exaggerations and all the rest are true to the best of my understanding.

A real change of climate near Alto de Ventanas
Ciclovia, a highway closed to traffic and specially for cyclists on Sundays, as we came into Medellin. This Ciclovia is 22 km long
Roadblock before the demonstrations at Tarazá
Lots of cyclists and motorcyclists
Cow with Tomato trees