Route: Cholula to the Coast (Vera Cruz) and then to Oaxaca - May 9-24, 2007


Randy took a quick trip out to Jalapa, Vera Cruz, and Tlacotalpan. Getting around Puebla was a bit annoying, and there are better ways to do it. Then the road starting north of Highway 150 toward Jalapa was too busy and too small for several miles, but it eventually became better, and everything was really fine for the rest of the time to Vera Cruz and Tlacotalpan. Entering Vera Cruz was a bit gnarly, of course, but it was fine.

We had worried a lot about whether to go through the mountains to Oaxaca, but the route we took turned out great. The traffic was modest and the riding was challenging, but we were able to do it. Huahuápan was delightful. We stayed several times at the local community center, or municipal center - we camped outside or they put us inside. Very generous people, who all seemed quite used to having travelers have to stop for the night.

We took the free road for the whole thing. Some cyclists take the toll road (the cuota), and it's probably faster. We found that the free road worked out great, and we had no worries about whether it was legal or not. Apparently it is not legal for bicycles to be on some parts of the toll road.

One of the nicest days of the ride was the next-to-the-last day on the free road, Yanhuitlán to Telixtlanahuaca - we went the old free road, which winds along a ridge. It was remote, delightful, no traffic, and very interesting people.

Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
Cholula, Puebla to Acatzingo2007-05-0953/852460/759
Acatzingo to Perote, Veracruz2007-05-1059/952276/702
Perote, Veracruz to Xalapa, Veracruz2007-05-1135/56853/263
Xalapa to Veracruz2007-05-1275/1211453/448
Veracruz to Tlacotalpan, Veracruz2007-05-1469/111974/301
Cholula, Puebla to Izúcar de Matamoros2007-05-1739/63413/127
Matamoros to Nuevos Horizantes, Puebla2007-05-1845/733090/954
Nuevos Horizontes, Puebla to Huajuápan de Leon, Oaxaca2007-05-1950/813963/1223
Huajuápan de León, Oaxaca to Yanhuitlán2007-05-2248/774655/1437
Yanhuitlán to Telixtlanahuaca2007-05-2354/873231/997
Telixtlanahuaca, Oaxaca to Oaxaca2007-05-2425/40649/200