Into Mexico

Trucks in line for USA
Trucks in line for USA (View on flickr)

We are in Magdelena de Kino. We rode 68 miles yesterday through - from
Patagonia through the border crossings to Imuris, Sonora, Mexico. What wonderful folks.
All sorts of people giving us waves and friendly beep and calling out from
the side of the road. The Nogales border crossing from Mexico to the
United States was had a line of semi trucks three deep and miles long waiting
to get into the USA. We got so many waves and beeps and whistle it was
almost embarrassing but I still kind of enjoyed the attention.

As evening approached we got looking for a place to camp for the evening a
guardian angle appeared. This American from Tucson stopped by the edge of
the road to say hi and ended up escorting us to his house 20 miles away.
He drove in back of us with his lights blinking and flashing. Our private
support vehicle. Bill is truly an angel.

We got to his house and he told us his story. He buys food and clothes for
the people down here and gives it to them to either use, sell or give
away. He makes 3 trips a week from Tucson to Imuris or Guaymas full of
much needed goods. Some of goods goes to the Rancho which is like a
seminary and some goes to the local orphanage. The orphanage is not like
what we think of as a home for children with no parents. It is a place
that helps children with their needs. Perhaps they have parents that just
do not have enough resources to fully provide for the children the
orphanage helps out. He buys clothes, noodles and cereal in bulk from
Costco or air conditioners for the orphanage. All out of his own pocket.
He built the house in Imuris so he could have a place to store the goods
and then distribute them from there. I have not seen a person who has ever
given more of himself to other people then Bill from Tucson. He is an
extremely open and loving person who also has a blast doing this with his
life. I am sure Bill has a place in the big house when he leaves this