Camping at Tsiigehtchic in back of the church overlooking the rivers at Tsiigehtchic

Luxury camping spot
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Here is we are camping in back of the church at Tsiigehtchic which over looks the great Mckenzie River. Little Anthony, one of the kids in the village joins us for several meals. The Gw'chin, the local aboriginal people, have lived here for as long as anyone can remember, came here to hunt and fish and then moved on with the season. Now it is a village of perhaps 200 people who live here year round.

Anthony dad, Russel, helps run the ferry which you can see in the far distance. This one just one of the three ferry crossing we have used so far. A bridge can not be built here because of the freezing and thawing of the river is too mighty it has knocked down bridges that have been built before.

We needed shower desperately so we asked Russel where we could get a shower at Tsiigehtchic. He said just go to his house and help ourselves which we did. He had a lovely home in this great village. Thanks Russel for the showers and the stories of your life. We highly recommend you all take the ferry to Tsiigehtchic and visit with the people here. Look up Carol Norwiegnin and her mom. Carol walked 125km to Inuvik to raise money for cancer. We meet he and her mom, a survivor of cancer, on the road. We have