Biking from Quebec, Canada to Vermont, USA

Pierre Robin surveying his kingdom
Pierre Robin surveying his kingdom
The night we stayed at the Quebec fishing camp with Pierre Robins, it started raining about 2:00 in the morning and kept raining all morning. As I awoke started to sing the only French song I learned when I was a young girl. As I sang it, Pierre joined in from outside the camper. Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, dormez-vous, dormez vous Soon after we arose from out comfortable, dry accommodations we were greeted with hot coffee and the very very best French toast I have ever eaten. The three things made it special. The Quebec maple syrup was a lighter than that of other famous places, secondly the French toast was made with chocolate milk and thirdly it was made by Pierre a marvelous chief who kindness was truly a treat.

Randy and I debated if we wanted to ride in rain and or take a day off. We finally decided not to be wimps and ride in the rain. After leaving Pierre fishing camp at Lac Memphremagog, we rode south into Vermont.

It rained off and on that morning. Not hard but it was one of the colder days and we stopped a few times to get out of the rain. There was some coloring of the leaves but just a touch. I kept on searching for moose. I sure wanted to see a moose on this trip. I called out "here Moosey, here Moosey" but it did not work. Sometimes I just entertain myself while riding. Nothing much else to do but ride, sing outload, try to learn to whistle better, search for moose, and look around at the beautiful landscapes as we ride though the northeast in the autumn days of september. "Here Moosey, moosey, moosey".

I did manage to get a photo of moose crossing sign and a photo of a stuffed moose head wearing a Boston Red Socks baseball cap and sunglasses which will be posted with the other photos.

The crossing into the United States was somewhat uneventful. Drivers Licenses work for now to get back into the country, until 2007 in which passports will be required. The border inspectors have access to computer data base information so be prepared for a pop-quiz. So hopefully you do not suffer from not remembering things like where were you born. Luckily this is something Randy has not forgotten yet, or we would still be touring in Canada.

The border guard did ask us if we were carrying more then $10,000. It spurred a bit of a discussion on how we would carry such a sum on our bikes. Would it fit in our panniers if it was in $5.00 bills or would we have to carry large bills like $100’s? The guard had a good sense of humor. As we left the border the inspector told us that the rain will stop at the bottom of the hill. Which hill he did not say.