Queretaro and the Ciclonautas

Queretaro: Andrei, Dulce, and Emiliano, Lorenzo and Sarah

In Querétaro we visited with Dulce and Andrei, whom we'd heard about from our Dutch cycle-touring friends Dick and Els. We had a delightful evening and day with them enjoying the area and hearing their stories. They're now temporarily retired from bike touring - and have a delightful 18-month-old named Emiliano and are living the life of a young family. From 1998 to 2001, with nearly no resources, they traveled from Querétaro south through Mexico, Central America, and South America all the way to our destination, Ushuaia. Unlike us, they had scarce resources and had to earn money along the way. Click here to read their whole story in both English and Spanish and see their pictures.

Queretaro was yet another delightful, interesting, old city, with cultural events and music on every corner, and a 500-year-old church on every block. We spent a couple of days taking it in and hearing Andrei and Dulce's stories. And Andrei took us (along with new Belgian friends Lorenzo and Sarah) on a tour of the city.