Anna WIttert ( notes from Cajamarca to Trujillo Peru on the back roads

Cajamarca to Trujillo on the backroads....
General. Nice ride, maybe not as impressive as the ride north of cajamarca. Not much traffic. Pelenty of small towns to stock up and get a room. Overall the condition of the road was pretty good, and the climbs gentle. I would imagine the stretch from Agallpampa to Shorey the other way around would be pretty steep.
NB take mosquito repellent, lots of zancudos!

day 1 Cajamarca to San Marcos
65 km paved
cajamarca to banos del inca 5km
turn right
the kilometer posts start counting up from 0 here
km 9 start of climb, small village
km 17 top at 3010 m
km 25 Namora, end of downhill 2785 m
km 36 uphill starts
km 38 Matara (small village)
km 41.5 top (2995)
km 45 -50 undulations
km 50 downhill starts
km 60 San Marcos 2375 m (slept at police station in the cell, not recommendable, unless you like bunkers)

Day 2 San Marcos to Cajabamba
61 km paved (road markers count on upwards)
km 60 - 74 climb to 2700 m, gentle, plenty wildcamp options
km 74 - 89 downhill to 2100 m
km 89 - 97 undulations
km 97 - 120 climb to 2700, hot, small villages on the way
Nice hotel, hotel Bolivar, 2 blocks from plaza, 10 soles, downstairs, courtyard

Day 3 Cajabamba to Huamachuco
56 km unpaved
km 0 - 32 mostly uphill to 3400, good dirt
km 32 - 40 down to 3220
km 40 - 44 around laguna sausacocha, flat
km 44 - 56 bad dirt, rocky and sandy with 2 steep shortish climbs
Huamachuco nice hotel, El Conquistador, 15 soles, courtyard, hot water, meals, 2 blocks from square

Day 4 huamachuco to Shorey
61 km
mostly paved
Climb out of Huamachuco, then 8 km downhill to 3185 m
km 10 - 52 gentle climb, undulating closer to the top for about 10 km. Top at 4180 m.
km 52 - 61 The real down starts after a junction, right to Quirivilca, left to Trujillo. We went left.9 km down and then a little up into Shorey. The final 20 km are at times unpaved. Shorey is an ugly silvermining town at 3780 m with an overpriced hotel. We were given a room for 10 soles opposite the police station, in a shop. We heard there was a hotel in Quirivilca as well, and saw one the next day on the way through Shorey Chico, a much nicer looking town a km or so further along.
If you want to camp, the best spots would be higher up, closer to the pass. There were plenty of streams, although also a lot of mining going on...

Day 5 Shorey to Agallpampa (half day ride)
39 km unpaved, at times thick slush, mud and hard rocks
first 14 km undulating, at times thick mud
Relatively heavy mining traffic and buses.
After 14 km steep descent for 18 km on bad (hard rock) road. From 3600 to 2950 m.
Then 8 km uphill to Agallpampa (km post 83).

Day 6 Agallpampa to Trujillo
86 km
from 3180 m to sealevel!!
Not much peddaling, pavement starts 14 km from Agallpampa.
There are a few towns along the road for supplies.

To get to the casa de ciclistas, we stayed on main highway, not taking any turn offs to Laredo.
At Av America Norte we turned right. From there ask for Av Santa, which is some 8 blocks from here.
Lucho told us the area around the turnoff on Av America Norte and some kms before and after are unsafe, especially on sundays.